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How to get Higher Rankings for your Joomla Site

We believe there are two main reasons why creating search engine friendly pages using Joomla is difficult for beginners. Firstly the settings are not where you would expect them to be. But the biggest reason is simply because beginners don't understand search engine optimisation and expect their website to somehow magically appear in Google in position one for hundreds of keywords. Admittedly, some other platforms are easier to understand when it comes to SEO. However Joomla sites can and do rank just as high in search results as sites powered by other platforms. You just need to know how search engines work and where to look for the appropriate settings in Joomla.

Few days ago we found a great Video Tutorial by Richard Pearce which explains it all. You will learn:

• The two factors that determine whether a page ranks or not
• Targeting the right keywords
• Where and how to place keywords on a Joomla page
• How to get backlinks to your site
• Recommended extensions
• And much more

Please take your time and watch the Tutorial carefully :)

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