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How to Increase Page Rank – Great Tips

How to Increase Page Rank – Great Tips - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

How to increase page rank is a question, which keeps challenging webmasters since long time. Because increased page rank brings the authority to rule the web.

Page rank is Google’s measurement of how authoritative or popular a website is, on a scale of 1 to 10. Where 10 implies the most trusted site, and 1 the least.

Google decides the page rank by, the total aggregate vote of all inbound links to a particular website. If you want to increase the page rank of your website in a short span of time, then follow these great tips and increase Google page rank very fast.

Quality backlinks are the basis of Google page rank. Acquire not just backlinks, but quality backlinks from quality or authoritative websites to increase the page rank.

Increase Page Rank by Acquiring Backlinks

1. Blog commenting: Acquiring back-links by leaving comments on blog posts of “ DoFollow ” blogs is very effective to increase Google page rank. Simply analyze 3 to 4 competitor websites of your niche on OpenSiteExplorer for “ DoFollow ” blogs (comments) and leave constructive comments using proper keywords. Surprisingly, people have achieved Google page rank of 3 to 4, by simply following this simple method.

2. Directory listing: Your profile with a hyperlink of your website or blog on a reputed directory passes link juice and helps increasing page rank. Because, your profile link is “ DoFollow ” here.Your site should be listed on at least 15 to 20 directories to boost the page rank significantly.

3. Social media Profile: Again, social media profiles also provide “ DoFollow ” links and help to increase Google page rank fast. Join at least 8 to 10 social media sites, even though you use only 3 to 4 sites honestly.

4. Guest blogging: This is the most tiring and slow process of increasing page rank. Because, writing blog posts for back-links requires great efforts and time. You never know, your post might not be accepted by the publishing blog many of the times. But still you should write guest posts once in a while to add some variety in your strategy.

How to Increase Page Rank by Using NoFollow Attribute

5. Use NoFollow attribute sparingly: Always remember, Google always checks for intention. Using NoFollow attribute throughout the site is foolishness( like Wikipedia ). It’s a misconception among webmasters that “Using NoFollow attribute throughout the site preserve link juice and helps for high Google page rank”. In fact you should use it sparingly, site-wide. If you want to practice SEO, which should be timeless, then this method is for you. This is a point, Google may consider to change the algorithm in near future.

6. Make your comment section NoFollow: By default, almost all blogs have NoFollow attribute for comment section. But, you should double check for this. By following this method you can avoid spam mass and preserve your Google page rank.

Increase Page Rank by Special Methods

7. Special backlinks: Links from Wikipedia, .Gov and .Edu are considered special. Because, not only these sites are authoritative but also its extremely difficult to get a backlink from these sites. At least, you should try your luck to get a link from Wikipedia.

8. Internal linking structure: How well your blog posts are linked to each other? This is a method, which is in your hand, and you should leverage it to increase Page rank fast. Be careful while choosing an anchor text to link an internal post. Anchor text matters, even in internal hyper-linking. At least 2 to 4 internal links works wonder.

9. Be popular in your niche: If you have a blog, and if you are popular in your niche by blog commenting, guest post writing/publishing or any other means, then Google’s trust factor increases. And, helps to increase page rank..

Increase Page Rank by Other Methods

10. Clean coding and site structure: Yes, it affects Google page rank. Your blog or site should be W3 compatible. Check your site for coding error here. Navigation, breadcrumbs and site maps are also important.

11. Page loading speed: Google loves fast loading websites. This is not only important for SEO point of view but also to increase page rank easily.

12. Domain age: Here, domain age means both past and future age. If you have started your site or blog very recently, consider registering the domain name for at least 2 yrs or more. Google doesn’t trust site who are registered for 1 yr only, and thinks them as spammy. If your domain/site is quite old (past domain age), older than 2 to 3 yrs, then you automatically qualify for Google’s trust and page rank.

13. Dedicated IP address: You might consider for a dedicated IP address for your domain. Sometimes, due to spammy activity of a single webmaster from an IP address results in restriction/ban for all the registered domains from the same IP address.

Don’ts to Increase Page Rank

14. No spammy outbound links: Don’t link to spammy or untrustworthy sites. Google thinks the linking site is also spammy. This method protects your link juice and helps to maintain the page rank.

15. Don’t make multiple sub-domains: Google considers multiple sub-domains as spammy. Stay away from it. Not more than 4 to 5, at any circumstances.

16. Don’t involve in link-scheme: Don’t buy links from link farms and don’t involve in link schemes. Google don’t like paid link.

What Google Says about Page Rank

If you have a point or two, to contribute this list – how to increase Google page rank, then add your comments below :)

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