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20 Tutorials that will make you a great Web Developer

20 Tutorials that will make you a great Web Developer - 4.0 out of 5 based on 8 votes

Few days ago I wrote a very short and newbie post regarding the importance of CSS Vocabulary. In my opinion it was a nice little explanantion to start with and today I was planning to write another article regarding the CSS Style Guides, what they are and why they are important. But while I was preparing myself to start writing, things changed dramatically :)

Actually, there is nothing dramatic here. I just realized that there is absolutely no point to teach you of CSS, HTML and other Web Development technics while there are a lot of great tutorials out there that will do the job much, much better!

Few years ago, when I decided to try my luck in the Web Design & Development Industry I knew almost nothing about coding. But I was determined to learn all this cool stuff and I was also very curious how the websites are built and how they actually operate. And little by little, step by step I became a self-thought front-end developer and let's say a web designer :)

The most challanging thing in the beginning of my career was to find the best resources to learn from. I checked a lot of well-known tutorial sites, a lot of famous Design & Development Blogs and finally I discovered the Tuts+ Network.

I will not go into much details about what Tuts+ Network is because you can easily visit the site and see what it is about. I just want to say that you will find a lot of amazing tutorials made by great and very talented guys. My favorite one is (and will always be) Jeffrey Way. You just need to see for your own how educated this guy is and how well he explains everything. He is simply the best :)

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to show you a list of tutorials that will make you a great web developer, honestly! I will also put them in the order I believe is best, I mean the order in which you should do these tutorials in order to achieve great results.

Let's say you are a beginner in the industry. The things/skills that you need in order to be able to call yourself a Web Developer are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is the least you must know. And these also include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and so on. So here is the list I was talking about previously:

  1. 30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS
  2. 30 Days to Your First Website Design
  3. CSS Terminology Decoded
  4. CSS Tips & Tricks
  5. HTML Tips and Tricks
  6. CSS3 Essentials
  7. HTML5 Fundamentals
  8. Tools of the Modern Web Developer
  9. Responsive Web Design for Beginners
  10. Bootstrap for Web Design
  11. Bootstrap 3.0 Essentials
  12. CSS3 Typography Techniques
  13. CSS3 Animations
  14. Advanced CSS3 Animations
  15. Mastering Corporate Design
  16. Mastering Minimalist Design
  17. Parallax Scrolling for Web Design
  18. JavaScript Fundamentals
  19. 30 Days to Learn jQuery
  20. jQuery for Designers

Guys, I guarantee that if you master the above 20 topics you will be a really good Web Developer. Once again, this is my list, this is the order I did the tutorials but of course, you can re-order them as you wish.

There are also other great tutorials on Tuts+ Network that will polish your skills even further. Just browse through all of them and decide what you want to learn next :)

I hope you find this post helpful. The next topic I'm planning to cover, which is quite related to this article is... "How to become an author on" :)

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