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The year in review and our plans for 2015

The year in review and our plans for 2015 - 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 votes

It is this time of the year when everybody do the summary and review what they have done and what they have achieved in the last 12 months. We will be no different and this is one of the purposes of this Blog Post.

The other purpose of this article is actually very interesting and exciting! More specifically, it is about what we will be doing during the next year and what our plans are. There are some quite interesting things, so keep reading below :)

What we did for the last 12 months

Some people might say we've been lazy in terms of product development during 2014. We released three templates - the powerful and multipurpose DestinyFX, the beautiful and creative SativaFX and the clean and stylish WisdomFX. We actually wanted to release couple more templates but we were involved in other interesting projects so we couldn't dedicate more time for design and development tasks for JoomFX. It doesn't really matter as we have always been saying that it is the quality that matters... quality over quantity!

The other thing that needs to be mentioned is the total re-branding we did during 2014. We re-designed our website and the Support Forum from scratch and we came up with a brand new logo!

There are also some nice achievements or let's say milestones we accomplished during the past year. The most important ones are that JoomFX became an Elite Author on (the place we sell our templates exclusively) and we were listed in the Joomla Resource Directory as an Official Joomla Template Provider.

What's coming in 2015... a new beginning!

It’s a very exciting time for template development. When we first started in the template business 3 years ago, our focus was on developing templates that are modern, functional and open to expansion, so users could develop their site the way they wanted. The market has changed now, with many more less-experienced users trying themselves at Joomla and many more template developers vying for attention.

We want our products to continue to innovate and stand out, yet we also want to ensure that any of our valued customers that purchases one of our templates will have as user-friendly and complete a website as possible, whether they are experts or beginners. We'll continue building solutions. We'll be adding additional pages and elements so that each template will provide a full website experience. All users installing the Quickstart Package will have a fully working website where they will just need to replace the demo content with theirs. Basically, we will not only provide you with the design (the template), but we will be building fully-featured websites (solutions)!

And here comes one of best things... Gantry 5 is coming! That's why we are saying "a new beginning". Gantry 5 will be the fastest and most reliable framework to date. The framework is being built from the ground up with the modern Web in mind, leaving room for future technologies while shedding the weight of old, outdated standards.

Gantry 5 should be released in February (the exact date is not yet confirmed). That's why our next template will be released in April. Of course, it will be built on the new framework and it will also have the long awaited K2 v3 integrated!

Our plans are to release 4 or 5 templates in 2015 and they will all be top notch products, we promise :) We are thinking about a Shop Template, a Corporate Template, a Blog/Magazine Template and maybe a Social Network Template. But let's wait and see how everything will go.

So basically, that's all. Thank you all for being our customers - none of this would have been possible without you!

Now take a rest and enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the JoomFX Team :)

Ivo Valkov

I'm a front end developer. I love creating things, playing football, snowboarding and so on. I also hope you like all our stuff. We started using Gantry for our projects and honestly, we love it!