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Hey guys, I'm proud to finally announce the launching of our brand new company - :)

This is a project that me and my partners from DHsign started 7 months ago. We wanted to build our own template club where we could build a strong identity for our brand, where we could build a nice and active community and most importantly - where we could build the products we've always dreamed about :)

In short, Inspire Theme LTD is a web development company where our main focus will be in designing and developing high quality, premium Joomla templates. In more details, I will be developing on the Gantry 5 framework and my partners will be developing on the Helix 3 framework. As you probably know, these two are the most popular Joomla frameworks on the Web!

So, now you know what I've been doing the last 7 months :) We put enormous efforts in bringing to life! It tooks us many sleepless nights to build our website and these 5 gorgeous products we are launching with. But this is just the beginning - and the words you see on our website ("The Revolutionary Joomla Templates!") are not a marketing trick, not at all! I do believe that in one way or another our products are actually "revolutionary".

Now, here are the answers of some questions you might have about

Will you still be releasing templates under

No. From now on I will be releasing all my products under As I mentioned above, we put enormous efforts so far but this is just the beginning. Our goal is to build a strong brand, active community, increadible products... our goal is to become one of the leading companies in our industry! And in order to achieve this we need to be fully focused in what we do.

What will happen with JoomFX's customers and with the support?

Don't worry about it, everything will remain the same for all my existing customers :) My website and the support forum will remain fully operational. If you need support for any of the JoomFX's templates, just open a new discussion in our support forum and I will assist you as soon as possible :)

And this is not all! We have a 50% discount voucher for those who want to join our new Template Club and to grow our businesses together. Just enter the following discount code at the Checkout page and the price will be cut in half - but have in mind that this discount voucher will only be valid until 25th of January:


Basically, this is it. Thank you for being one of my customers at and hopefully we'll continue to be together at :))

Kind Regards,
Ivo Valkov (founder of and co-founder of

Ivo Valkov

I'm a front end developer. I love creating things, playing football, snowboarding and so on. I also hope you like all our stuff. We started using Gantry for our projects and honestly, we love it!